I was born in Washington State, and grew up 100 miles outside of Spokane, Washington. After high school I continued onto college where I studied architecture and accounting. After college I joined the United States Air Force. I excelled at many things while I was in the military. One accomplishment I am proud of is the “Senior Airman Below the Zone” award which promoted me to the next rank, six months sooner than what is typical. After I received my honorable discharge from the military I moved to Georgia to pursue other career options, and to start working on my long-term goals of becoming a successful and respected model and actress. After getting a good start in my entertainment career, I decided to move to California. Now, along with acting and modeling, I am working on launching a production company with my long time friend Lawrence Ayers and it is called Valleyheart Productions.


I live 15 minutes north of Los Angeles, California in Sherman Oaks.


I don’t have any tattoos or piercings (except my ears). All of the images on my website were taken within the last few years and they are an accurate representation of my current appearance. My hair is currently at my waist in length and colored dark auburn (really red in the sun). I have two very small body scars that do not show in most photographs.


I am Swedish, German (Black Dutch), Irish, Native American (Blackfoot & Cherokee) and French Canadian.


I am available for bookings any time. If you’d like to book me directly, you can send an e-mail via the contact page. If you require an immediate response, please call one of my agents and they will get in touch with me on your behalf.

Type of work
I am available for acting work and modeling jobs in the following areas: petite fashion (editorial, catalog, print, lingerie, bathing suit and fitness), commercial (product, lifestyle, corporate, product demo, trade shows and car shows) and glamour (bikini, lingerie, etc).


Intelligence, integrity, sincerity, compassion and confidence without arrogance.


Rudeness, dishonesty, overt displays of wealth, hatefulness, jealousy and people who require laws to force them to be considerate of others.


Cars, computers, video games, modeling, investing, craftwork, construction, architecture and DIY home projects.

My Heroes

My fans are my heroes – they give me the motivation to give everything I have – as well as Nikola Tesla and Mother Teresa.


My beliefs defy definition. I feel we owe it to ourselves and our future generations to work together for a better tomorrow and let our unity and actions speak to others, instead of a religious affiliation.


After reading the last statement, you might find it ironic that I do not have children and I have no plans to change that situation. It has nothing to do with “losing my figure”! Most simply stated – I’ve read up on the history of Easter Island and researched the theory of Peak Oil. Derive from that what you will. 😉